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The three films that are featured are short films that I produced, wrote, and directed with the exception of Breakfast for Two.

Demo Reel

First Time

Director | Screenwriter | Producer

First Time is a coming-of-age story about Freddie navigating his way through online dating. Freddie embarks on a journey to lose his virginity though using an online dating app where he encounters Taylor. I wrote, produced, and directed this film.

First Time (video clip)

Production Stills

Short Films

Breakfast for Two is the first screenplay that I wrote, directed by a friend. The story is about a couple that has had a series of one-night-stands and is now trying to decide what they want from their relationship. 
Dinner for Two is the first film I directed. The story is about two men who are deciding what marriage means for them, and more importantly are they cut out for each other. 
Breakfast for two
Screenwriter | Producer
Dinner for Two (video clip)
Director | Screenwriter | Producer
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